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Nigeria information has had a colorful, interesting and interesting history. Usually, Nigeria media was carried with many different local tools: drums, sticks, gongs, fire, and style e.t.c.
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The local people need certainly to discover a way to transmit media of pleasure, demise and conflict for their neighborhood without the benefits of cellular phones, radios, television and all latest technology.

This really is where the story gets interesting.

The folks made ways to communicate long thisday live with the’popular speaking drums ‘. It’s amazing to view owners with this act; deliver and get messages just by defeating a drum. To the unwary onlooker, the drummers are causing a cacophony of looks, but to the qualified ears of the drummers; a¬†exciting, hot debate or conversation comparable to mobile phone conversation of nowadays is certainly going on.

In jest, drummers have already been known to issue the sweetness and womanliness of one other community and strength of their male folk. The drum was an integrated the main communal life. The drum marked schedule of festivals of the communities. It recorded deaths, births.

Today, Nigeria Information is transported mostly through radio stations, magazine and electronic version. First, Nigeria media was sent through the newspapers, state owned radio and later government owned TV stations. During these times, the federal government had monopoly of dissemination of data to Nigerians. With time, personal owned papers, radio and television stations came on board to challenge the government held corporations.

If you’re reading this you’ve an interest in the future of the magazine industry. This was published to report my knowledge and feelings of a significantly adjusting industry and to hopefully promote critical conversation to locate solutions for the most trusted source of news. My whole career has been around the printing media industry: from my first agency work in yellow pages to my latest role as Connect Media Manager controlling the budget for an important newspaper advertiser. I have never labored for a newspaper, or have I worked for a magazine marketer, except for around nine years I bought around one thousand pounds in magazine press, from the biggest major dailies to little industry weeklies. I was found involving the excuses of declining circulation from publishers and frustration from the advertisers around a when secure media currently shown to stay chaos.

I observed papers caught off defend with the viral growth of online news consumption and their failure to take advantage of the phenomenon. I have been around in some ferocious multi-million money contract negotiations that rarely ended properly for the newspaper.

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