Important Facts About Pest Control

We have found some interesting facts about different pests that pest controllers are used to dealing with on a daily basis. So that’s what we’re sharing with you here! The chances are everything you’ve ever heard about pests is pretty much thanks to pop culture and pest based horror movies. Let’s get a closer look at the pests that love our homes as much as we do, and discover some of the facts and myths about them.


  • Mice love cheese – Actually, a mouse would probably prefer something much sweeter like biscuits or chocolate. So sorry Tom & Jerry, but our mice don’t like cheese!
  • Cockroaches can live without food – This is semi-true! Cockroaches can live for about a month without any food. Which is longer than any one of us could last!
  • Fleas are excellent jumpers – Fleas should be entered into the long jump, because they’re fantastic jumpers! They can jump as high as 150 times their body length. Which is pretty high for something so small.
  • Daddy long legs are poisonous – They are actually completely harmless. Annoying yes, but not dangerous.
  • Some insects are eaten as a delicacy – For example in Singapore they eat grubs and worms as a delicacy. One of the favourite of many Singapore natives are termite queens.
  • Rats are unhygienic – As dirty as rats are when they enter your home, their fur is actually very clean. In fact 60% of a rats day is spent cleaning themselves.
  • Bed bugs only infest cheap hotels – Bed bugs are only too happy to infest any type of accommodation, whether it’s 5 star or no star. They don’t differ between cheap or pricey.
  • Ants love sugar – Ants are very attracted to anything sweet and sugary, but aren’t really picky. If it’s edible, they will eat it.
  • Wasps feed meat to their young – Wasps often collect insect larvae and feed it to their young for sustenance.
  • Every moth will eat clothing – Not true. In the UK there are thousands of species of moths, but only a few will eat clothes.


More and more of us rely on our local pest control companies to keep us pest free and comfortable in our homes and businesses. But how much do we actually know about the pests we might be sharing a home with?


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