Integrity, Loyalty, and Consistency in A Course In Miracles

There may be forget about essential trait in traditional Awakening than
Reliability, for without Integrity reassurance stays an
affirmation as opposed to an actual experience. Reliability depends upon
reliability and love of believed, and without place with the
Holy Spirit Reliability will appear out of reach and guilt will appear
actual in awareness. It’s probable to need, think, believe, experience,
comprehend, and behave with consistency by following Sacred Spirit and
ONLY by following Holy Spirit. Yet another name for the vanity is
fraud, and when fraud is believed in the illusion of shame
seems really true indeed. Affirmations and mantras and well-wishing
can never become alternatives for seeking within and exposing the
belief process of the ego. Pockets of guilt should be subjected and
voluntarily directed at the Holy Nature acim lessons online, and as this does occur it becomes
evident that the guilt was never real .
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Confusion effects from the try to serve two owners and see two
worlds. However it’s difficult to see two sides which have no conference
point. There is number planning back again to days gone by, and there’s number solution to
really replicate the past. Yesteryear can only just be understood or released.
Purity and guilt develop from two various believed systems. One
is real, one is not. Lord is really a Lord of Natural Enjoy and Innocence and
thus Union with God can only just be skilled in a State of
Innocence. Guilt is obviously a certain indication that your head is listening to
the ego and afraid of the Holy Spirit’s Voice. Guilt is a method of
closing down and closing off, an effort to be split up and alone
and isolated. The Holy Heart offers healing and waits patiently
for guilt to be exposed voluntarily, voluntarily. That’s why I frequently
emphasize it is important to talk about what’s on the mind and
hold nothing hidden. For in Truth there is nothing to hide. Yet
this is only skilled by maybe not attempting to refuse or protect the
shame as it increases in to awareness. Unprotected shame melts in
the Light of Love so effortlessly. It requires huge effort to cover
shame and keep it hidden behind multitudes of appearances and

Have you ever requested yourself: “Why am I hoping to cover up the shame
I feel?” “Why do I retain guilt therefore tightly?” “What am I scared
can happen if I let go of this shame?” “What’s it that I price in
this world that I do think the Sacred Soul will take away?”
Weight is futile because of it does not have any Purpose. Salvation is no
compromise of any kind. Yet Salvation doesn’t have cost. Can the
quitting of nothing for the remembrance of Everything actually be
considered a price? The observed earth may have appeared relaxed
and common occasionally, however it generally carried a sense of guilt or
uncertainty or uneasiness. The insane “reason” that your head doubts
letting move of the familiar and opening to Lord is the terror of
the “Unknown.” Yes, that’s right – the distorted earth is becoming
the “known” to a head asleep and dreaming and God has therefore become
the Huge “Unknown.” Provided that it appears important to stick to
the “identified” (ego), guilt can look real in awareness. The Moment
your head chooses to simply accept the Large “Unknown” (God), shame is finished
permanently and Christ and Lord are Known. It certainly IS this simple.

State what you mean and suggest everything you say. Tune in to the Holy Soul
and this is not difficult. Tune in to the vanity and this can look
impossible. Don’t cover from Me Beloved One, for I Enjoy You forever
and ever. Hiding considers the arrogant opinion that there surely is
anything that must definitely be hidden. In Lord you will find number secrets, no
mysteries. In Lord Everything is openly revealed. Lord is Light.
Pull up the colors and open the blinds.

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