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How to sell your car before you emigrate

Moving abroad can be a stressful process, but selling your car before you leave needn’t be as difficult as some suggest:

For the sale itself you have three options:

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Top Ten European Driving Tips

Map of Europe

When travelling abroad, a car helps you to maximise your reach and experience everything offered by your holiday destination.  Driving through Europe is a renowned pleasure.  In fact, in regards to the law it’s not too different from driving in the UK.  However, if you’re planning a journey to the continent, there are a few pieces of advice we’d like you to be aware of.  Read on for our top ten European driving tips.

First of all: expect toll booths.  Driving on the majority of motorways in the United Kingdom is free of charge, with notable exceptions in the M6, Dartford Crossing or Gloucestershire’s Severn Bridge and Second Severn Crossing.  Germany’s world-famous autobahn is also free.

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The 5 most scenic roads in Europe

There’s nothing quite like a great road trip.  Here in Europe, we’re blessed with some of the most picturesque driving routes in the world: routes that have been immortalised in everything from video games to movies.

In celebration of Europe, we’re going to take a look at five of the most scenic roads on the continent: we’d recommend getting behind the wheel and heading to any of them.

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Top tips for driving on holiday in Spain

For many of us driving abroad is a necessity to fully enjoy everything our holiday destination has to offer. If you are heading to Spain for a summer break in the coming weeks heed our advice with these top tips for driving on Spanish roads.

Before you even begin to think about exploring the Spanish mainland by road it is important to ensure that you have sufficient car insurance cover. Some insurance providers will cover you for overseas travel, but you may have to be prepared to pay extra for insurance from your hire car firm if you don’t take our own car overseas.

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Summer holidaymakers alert: Driving laws in France

Are you planning a summer holiday adventure across the Channel to France? If you are taking the ferry and driving your car overseas then you must be aware of the driving laws in France that are very different to the rules we are used to here in the UK.

Perhaps the most interesting development in recent French driving laws was that motorists driving on French loads were required to carry a breathalyser kit on-board from July 2012. Drivers without a kit can be fined 11 euros. At a cost of £2 each it seems silly not to purchase one to determine whether you comply with the nation’s drink-drive limit.

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