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What is Gap insurance?

Car crashes into the back of another

It’s no secret that dealing with insurance companies and assessors can be an unpleasant experience, especially if you’re already worried about your stolen or accident-damaged vehicle.  With many insurers compensating customers at the current value of their vehicle – as opposed to its value when the vehicle was bought – motorists can quickly find themselves drained of funds after wrestling over their claim, especially if the vehicle was brand new.

The ‘GAP’ in Gap insurance stands for ‘Guaranteed Asset Protection’.  There are many different kinds but, largely, this type of insurance is designed to complement your traditional comprehensive car insurance to cover any shortfall between a car’s value (to be defined) and any insurance pay-outs.

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Speed awareness courses could ‘invalidate’ insurance

New questions have been raised over the links between the police and companies offering speed awareness courses, with motorists potentially risking major problems if they fail to tell insurers about courses.

Insurers have admitted that they currently treat speed awareness courses the same as penalty points, and it’s feared that failing to declare taking part in a course could invalidate an insurance policy.

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Comprehensive car insurance soars by 12.3%

UK comprehensive car insurance premiums have increased by as much as 12.3 per cent in the space of 12 months, according to new research.

Average comprehensive premiums are now £92 more expensive, taking the typical premium up to £843 per person.

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