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Major manufacturers announce autonomous car targets

Three major car manufacturers have announced their intention to develop autonomous cars.

Ford has decided to double the size of its autonomous vehicle research team, with the intention of having a high-volume, fully autonomous vehicle operational within a car sharing service by the year 2021.

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Give electric cars bigger subsidies, says Renault

Renault says that zero emission cars should get bigger Government subsidies than hybrid vehicles, in order to make them a more attractive investment for road users.

At the moment, electric vehicles are eligible for a subsidy of £5,000, with the same discount applying to plug-in hybrids, which effectively combine electric power with conventional fuel technology but are less beneficial to the environment overall.  

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Peugeot Citroën unveil car that runs on air

Peugeot Citroën has launched a prototype of the world’s first car to successfully run on air.

The ‘Hybrid Air’ technology, launched at the Geneva motor show this month, will feature a normal combustion engine along with a hydraulic system which stores and releases energy from the atmosphere.

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Major vehicle manufacturers recognising the benefits of parts recycling

While ASM Auto Recycling continues to lead the way as one of the UK’s leading parts recyclers, it would appear that some of the leading car manufacturers are attempting to catch up.

Ford celebrates 10 years of its Core Recovery Program; the American-based firm has announced it has processed over 54 million kilograms of damaged vehicles parts, from Ford dealers, since its inception in 2003.

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How to find used Ford car parts

There is big money to be saved for UK motorists looking to purchase replacement car parts. Drivers can not only keep more cash in their back pocket but also be kinder to the environment by purchasing used car parts.

Ford vehicle owners will know especially that parts are commonplace in garages and dealerships due to the manufacturer’s popularity across the country. However, repairs and servicing needn’t be as expensive if you opt not to buy costly brand new car parts from your dealer or supplier.

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