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Over 1 billion cars on world’s motorways

The number of vehicles on the world’s motorways has reached the one billion mark for the first time, with the flourishing market for cars in developing nations attributed to this landmark figure.

Over 35 million new cars were sold in the last 12 months – the same number that is one the UK’s roads alone. China is the driving force behind the growth trend, selling a whopping 14 million vehicles in 2010 alone, with ownership increasing by 27.5 per cent in just 12 months.

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Motorists fear for safety over motorway lighting

UK motoring groups have expressed concern over plans to turn off motorway lighting above one of Britain’s busiest stretches of motorway.

The Highways Agency has unveiled plans to switch off motorway lighting between midnight and 5am on the M1 between junction 10 at Luton and junction 13 at Milton Keynes.

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Ecotricity launches world’s first national motorway charging network for electric cars

Green energy firm Ecotricity has launched the world’s first national motorway charging network for electric vehicles in the UK.

British owners of electric cars are being handed the chance to hit the open road with free power points installed at 12 Welcome Break service stations dotted across the country, with a further 17 points promised later this year.

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Drivers keen to see motorway limit raised to 80mph

The latest survey by the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has revealed almost three-quarters of Britain’s drivers are keen to see the speed limit on UK motorways raised to 80mph from the existing 70mph limit.

Over 70 per cent of the 2,000-plus motorists surveyed believed they would be far more likely to stick to the speed limit if it was raised to 80mph.

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Tailgating highlighted as most serious motorway driving offence

A recent new survey suggests that tailgating is now the most serious motorway driving offence in the UK, posing the biggest threat to UK road users on a daily basis.

The study, led by GEM Motoring Assist, revealed that 85 per cent of UK motorway drivers surveyed suggested that tailgating was the most serious offence and potentially the most dangerous manoeuvre a driver can make.

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