Sell My Car

There comes a point with almost every car where it’s simply not worth the hassle any more and so, it becomes time to look into options for selling.

Sell your car online with ASM

ASM buys hundreds of cars each year, ranging from insurance write-offs to old cars that have simply given up the ghost.

If you want to avoid selling privately — which can be risky — and don’t trust second-hand dealerships, give us a call.

Vehicles we buy include:

  • Roadworthy cars that our customers simply no longer want.
  • Scrapped cars that the insurance companies have written off.
  • Damaged cars that the owner has no interest in repairing.


Why would you buy damaged cars, or scrapped ones?
At ASM, we operate a full vehicle storage department.  Here, we store damaged and scrapped cars.  Then, we can either dismantle them and sell the parts in our used car parts shop, or fully recycle the remaining vehicle scrap through our sister site, ASM Metal Recycling. Alternatively, if the vehicle actually is repairable, it will go into our online salvage auction, where it will be purchased by someone who wants to spend the time and money in repairing it.
So if I’m looking to sell my car fast, you’ll really buy any car?
Unless there’s a legal reason for us not to, we’ll purchase almost any vehicle, whether it’s a write-off or simply a car you don’t want any more.  Through our salvage auctions, we sell any car, too.
And you’ll be able to take care of the paperwork?
Yes: our process — which you can read about below — ensures that all the vehicles are dealt with entirely in keeping with the legal regulations.

Our process

Any vehicle that’s sold needs to be disposed of according to the Environment Agency’s ELV Directive.  Our vehicle dismantling process is by far the most environmentally responsible way of scrapping your car.  Here’s how it works:

  • All of the fluids are drained from the car (this includes petrol, oil, anti-freeze, brake and transmission fluids as well as other lubricants).
  • Any re-usable parts are removed, cleaned up and restored in order to be sold through our online store.
  • Any recyclable parts that aren’t suitable for re-selling — such as batteries, or old tyres — are removed and either safely stored or recycled.
  • The chassis and any remaining car parts are fed into the crusher and shredded, before being separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals and melted down.

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Vehicle dismantling

Our vehicle dismantling process is by far the most environmentally responsible way of scrapping your car.

You can be sure that, when you scrap your car with us, it’s going to be dealt with in the greenest way possible and that you’re going to get a great price.

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